Accurate, Data-Driven Price Forecasts.

Smart, Data-Driven Investment Decisions.

Data--lots of it-- drives accurate weather forecasts.
Wall Street quants have proven the same is true of price forecasts.

Independent developers use Equeum’s platform and massive amounts of data to create accurate, price-driven forecasts.

Use these forecasts for free to make smarter investment decisions.

The key to accurate forecasts:
Data, data, and more data

Price trends are not random.

Using Equeum, a global network of independent developers source and analyze massive amounts of data to identify the factors that move prices:

  • News
  • Sentiment Data
  • Price, Volume, Volatility
  • Blockchain Metrics
  • ...and dozens of other factors

Trade Smarter

The more data, the more factors, the more accurate the forecasts.

Equeum shows you these forecasts in real-time and alerts you when forecasts change.

Leadership Team

A groundbreaking product from a groundbreaking team.

Mark Nelson

Founder, CEO

After earning a BA and MA in English Literature from Columbia, Mark taught himself coding and wrote Ovid, the first search engine for medical information. By the time Mark sold Ovid for $200M, it was the dominant platform for doctors and researchers worldwide. Before founding Equeum, Mark and Ovid CTO Mike Gursky created Alpheios, software to facilitate learning of Ancient Greek and Latin.

Michael Gursky

Chief Architect

Mike was the first person to join Mark in launching Ovid and was pivotal to the company’s success. While working at IBM Research, Mike recognized Ovid’s potential and left to join the company. Under his technical leadership, the platform was extended to include full-text and natural language processing capabilities. Mike graduated from Yale with a BA in Mathematics.

David Risher


David is the founder of Worldreader, a nonprofit that has brought reading to over 20 million people in 48 countries. David began at Microsoft, managing the launch of MS Access and MS Investor. Joining Amazon in its startup stage, he is credited with transforming the company from a $15M seller of books into a $4B seller of everything. He has a BA from Princeton and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Doug Cutting

Senior Advisor

Doug Cutting has founded numerous groundbreaking projects, including Hadoop, a framework for running data-intensive applications on commodity hardware, ushering in the era of Big Data. Doug also created Lucene, a search engine library, Nutch, a scalable web crawler, and Avro, a data serialization system. Doug graduated from Stanford with a BA in Linguistics.

Rishi Narang

Senior Advisor

Rishi is the founder of T2AM, a systematic strategy trading firm. Rishi previously was co-founder of Tradeworx, a quant hedge fund, and later Portfolio Manager and MD at Santa Barbara Alpha Strategies. Rishi is the author of the seminal book on quant, Inside the Black Box, and organizes the “Inside the Black Box (ITBB)” quant conferences. Rishi has a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley.

Marty Kahn

Equeum Board

As Chairman of Ovid, Marty played a key role in the company’s success. He has been Chairman, CEO, lead investor, and advisor to innovative, data-intensive services in the financial, scientific, and business markets, including ZoomInfo, ProQuest, Code Ocean, OneSource, and Vista. He has also advised Bain, American Securities, and other leading private equity firms. Marty has a BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School.



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Real time updates

We update charts with new data every minute, and display PNL - monthly or Year-to-Date.

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Forecasts are powered by EQL, Equeum's powerful scripting language


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We combine vast data sources to create the most accurate crypto price trend forecasts out there. The more data, the better the forecasts.

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