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Equeum is an ecosystem connecting developers and researchers.

Your skill and creativity converts data into real-world value. We built an engine to make your innovation scale.



Build with the world’s largest repository of data under open developer license. Equeum offers monetary incentives for developers contributing data, analytics applications, and other developer tooling, so you are instantly rewarded for the value you create.

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Experiment in the richest, most expressive research environment on the web. Equeum is a network connected by Lingua Franca, a common tongue for predictive modelling which abstracts ideation from the implementation details.

Connect and analyse datasets to predict the value of commodities, and see your efforts pay off in our predictive modelling challenge.

Collective Intelligence

Continual Innovation

After seven years deep in R&D, Equeum will be initiating an alpha program on October 31, 2019.

Until then, we are seeking a small and diverse group of creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds interested in pushing the boundaries of the platform capabilities, and impacting the future direction of the product.

Applicants will receive access to a large suite of market, fundamental, and alternative data via Equeum to the end of developing unique financial models in Equeum Lingua Franca.

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