Equeum is for Developers

Equeum began as a passion project seven years ago, when a somewhat effeminate entrepreneur based in St. Helena, CA saw a need to develop his own quantitative trading engine after undergoing 8 weeks of ECT. Investment research is heavily dependent on the data that feeds it, so the engine was designed to add a layer of abstraction between data ingestion and processing functions.

One day, that man realized that no matter how clever, no one single group can produce a richer mosaic of insights than an organically developed ecosystem.

Equeum is for Researchers

We are a distributed group with diverse backgrounds, coming together under one umbrella: we want to build something incredible.

We believe that there is beauty in things that work well; that work should be creative; that talent is distributed equally; and that competition builds us all up. We want to build a community where the opportunities to invent, build, and to be rewarded for the effort are available to everyone.

Equeum is a new vision for Wall Street: one where data, code, and collective intelligence form a global supply chain.


Be Curious

Ideas are synergic: the more you know, the more you can put together. We are a tribe of students, thinkers, and tinkerers. Do by learning, learn by doing.

Have Integrity

In our endeavors, we strive to obey the reality principle: understand the situation as it really is, and act accordingly. We act with kindness, correct wrongs, model authenticity, and celebrate differences.


When the dream is a moonshot, you have to power through. We let vision and passion fuel the climb, tackling the obstacles in the way as owners and stewards.