Equeum is a re-invention of the data supply chain: we envision a more intelligent, connected world where bringing together data, code, and the right incentive structure sparks boundless innovation in predictive analytics. We organize the efforts of a community to take on challenges and find trends in global economic activity. Equeum distributes the revenues to fuel deeper data collection, analysis, and synthesis than could ever be possible for a single organization.

Equeum began as a passion project over seven years ago to build a quantitative trading engine that went beyond the limitations of what was available. After years of development we came to the conclusion that no single group can produce a richer mosaic of insights than an organically developed ecosystem. Although our sights are set on tackling challenges in capital markets trend forecasting, we believe that the ecosystem will eventually revolutionize the production and distribution of data products, as well as the workflows of the decision makers relying on them.

What does our platform do?

Build signal in a noisy world.

Equeum's focus is on building a network of high quality information for any imaginable use case. The world is so full of data that it's hard to determine what to pay attention to - our thesis is that the answers will self select given the right framework. We envision that Equeum will be populated by a network of micro domain experts, working to deliver the highest quality signal for the things that the world thinks matter.

Build something (worth sharing)

We believe that the information economy is more collaborative than it is competitive, and that an innovation ecosystem needs incentives among contributors to be aligned. Equeum is an infrastructure for discovery, linking, and organizing clean, almost-raw data for contributors to build on. The best incentives reward building foundations, because every ecosystem needs bedrock.

Build a better Wall Street.

The data-driven nature of modern investment management has created silos of replicated effort within the office of nearly every large asset manager, prop shop, hedge fund, and family office. Add in high competition between firms over talent and higher industry fees for table-stakes resources, and you have an industry ripe for disruption. We believe that competition can be the fuel for something much bigger: a global game to find the puzzle pieces that track the economy and better ways of putting them together.

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