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The goal in this Beta Challenge is to use our powerful scripting language, EQL, to predict the broad price trend of Bitcoin. Developer access to the platform is FREE.

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Compete and Collaborate. Get the First Creator Economy Platform for Crypto.

Equeum harnesses the intellectual firepower of the world’s top developers (like you) to create software resources for crypto investors. These investors pay to use these resources to make better investment decisions, and the revenue generated is used to fund more Challenge awards. As the resources you and other developers create get better and better, the more crypto investors are willing to pay, leading to more revenue, leading to more awards.

The EQ Interface

How it Works.

Take time now to explore Equeum, create resources and fine-tune your predictions. When a Challenge begins, all Predictions that have been published will be entered into the contest. You can continue to create predictions during that time, but no additional contest submissions will be considered once the contest has begun.

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About Predictions

What do we MEAN by a prediction? Watch this video for more information.

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Access to the platform is FREE.

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