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Crypto is here to stay. Investors need actionable tools and data to make intelligent investment decisions. Equeum has built the first decentralized creator economy platform for crypto.

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In the Equeum Ecosystem, Everybody Wins.

Equeum’s creator economy harnesses the intellectual firepower of top coders, quants and data scientists, who collaborate to create investor resources. Compensation goes to those developers who make the best contributions.

Actionable insights are at the foundation of smart investing. With Equeum, investors benefit from these insights to make better investment decisions.

The EQ Interface

The Equeum Difference.

  • Thousands of creators working collaboratively
  • Sourcing, integrating and normalizing data on a massive scale
  • Extracting, combining and analyzing signals from the data
  • Creating actionable insights, the foundation of investment success
Powered by EQL

EQL. With Equeum’s innovative domain-specific language complex queries can be executed with a few simple keystrokes. Developers can replace pages of Python with a few lines of code.

EQ Indicators

Distributed modeling. Leveraging the contributions of thousands of Developers, investors can track crypto currencies for direction, volatility, and correlations against data like sentiment, news, and other key drivers of up/down trends.

Google Cloud

All driven by an easily accessible user interface and the power of Google Cloud computing.

The Equeum Developer.

Equeum developers use EQL to create scripts, data analyses, and tools that compete for best-in-class by performance and usage.

Through EQL Extensions, Developers have the freedom to use Python, C++ and other data modeling languages. Influential developers compete in a self-powered creator economy, enhancing their skills and reputation and qualifying them for financial incentiv.

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