Powering the data economy

Equeum is a global workshop supporting the financial services industry by bridging the gap between citizen data scientists and domain experts.

We are supplying the infrastructure and incentives for open innovation in data provisioning, advanced analytics, and financial modeling.

Discover a free market bringing together analysts, data owners, and AI developers under the banner of collective intelligence.


Equeum is a vehicle to turn your web-based data curation and analytics projects into passive income.

Leverage your software development skills to build predictive models incorporating the world’s largest repository of data under open developer license.


Build predictive hypotheses for financial objects by combining data and analytical modules in a rich and expressive developer environment.

Lingua Franca is a common tongue for financial modeling, providing the ability to quickly prototype creative ideas without losing implementation details. Genius isn’t defined by better math.

Data Owners

Make datasets accessible to developers within Equeum, and become a part of the data mosaic.

By allowing analysts and developers to work with your data under a developer license, Equeum facilitates value discovery for data products.

Collective Intelligence

Continual Innovation

After seven years deep in R&D, Equeum will be initiating an alpha program on October 31, 2019.

Until then, we are seeking a small and diverse group of creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds interested in pushing the boundaries of the platform capabilities, and impacting the future direction of the product.

Applicants will receive access to a large suite of market, fundamental, and alternative data via Equeum to the end of developing unique financial models in EQLF.

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