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Equeum is revolutionizing the way individual Investors manage their investment portfolios by transforming how sophisticated tools for investment research are created, used, and refined.

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In the Equeum Ecosystem, Everybody Wins.

On its groundbreaking content-creation platform, Equeum lets Developers create investment research tools for Investors, and get paid for their work. And it lets Investors use and improve those tools to increase returns, while Developers share in their success.

The EQ Interface

The Equeum Difference.

With a flexible platform allowing seamless integration of data supporting a collaborative ecosystem, Equeum harnesses the collective intelligence of genius Developers and Investors from around the world.

Powered by EQL

EQL, Equeum’s breakthrough domain specific language, enabling Investors to execute complex commands with a few keystrokes, as Developers replace pages of Python with a few lines of code.

EQ Indicators

Equeum Indicators, built on the work of thousands of Developers, allowing Investors to track stocks and ETF’s for direction, volatility, and correlations against other stocks and ETFs like SPY, to uncover hidden risks in their portfolios, and to better time their trades.

Agile Portfolios

Agile Portfolios™, Equeum’s Developer-built baskets of stocks and ETFs combining short and long positions, offering Investors the opportunity to prosper regardless of market conditions.

The Equeum Developer.

The visionary Developers on the Equeum platform use EQL to create scripts and ancillaries underlying powerful investment research tools, becoming eligible for valuable incentives.

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