Equeum: A History

Equeum started with a vision to enable the ingenuity made possible by modern information sourcing and technological capabilities. We want to develop rails to combine the plethora of open data available today within one platform, where it can be used to inform investment decisions.

We believe that the combination of data, computing power, and connective protocols available today would breed an explosion of innovation, discovery, and “beautiful solutions” if only somebody could get all the people responsible for dreaming them up and building them in the same place. So, we decided to do just that.   

Years into managing his own portfolio after the sale of Ovid Technologies, Mark Nelson began work on an investment research application which allowed individuals to develop algorithmic trend indicators in a succinct and powerful domain specific language. He met Isabel Gonzalez – a then near-university grad freelancing to fund development of MarTech platform software and they connected over a shared vision of a decentralized information economy.   

Equeum builds infrastructure that defines a new paradigm for research, product distribution, and collaboration: a digital network of highly skilled, passionate domain experts building differentiated digital products, looking for answers, and seeking inspiration.   

We are a distributed group with diverse backgrounds, coming together under one umbrella: we want to build something incredible.

We believe that there is beauty in things that work well; that work should be creative; that talent is distributed equally; and that competition builds us all up. We want to build a community where the opportunities to invent, build, and to be rewarded for the effort are available to everyone.

Equeum is a new vision for Wall Street: one where data, code, and collective intelligence form a global supply chain.