Researchers & Developers


Bring data together to predict market trends

Public data is a powerful resource in gaining insight on topics of critical interest to investors, including: 

  • Investment returns
  • Company quarterly results, revenues and earnings
  • Analyst estimates and revisions
  • Market microstructure, including trading volumes and volatility

Asset managers rely on a broad range of analytics over “Core” data sets in combination with less traditional information sources to make investment decisions. 

Alternative data informs investment strategy. Pre-evaluating complex, multi-dimensional data, and providing an easy way to explore it, gives asset managers looking to out-perform an edge in identifying the most valuable information. 

Equeum is a platform for distilling insight.

We want you to identify factors that contribute to investment out-performance.

Equeum is fostering the use of text analytics in capital markets.

We provide:

  • Clean, normalized data for training and prediction
    • Level 2 market data for over 10,000 equities
    • Company fundamentals
    • Analyst estimates and guidance
    • Economic indicators
    • Access to a range of textual data, including news and filings
  • Access to industry research
    • Examples of multivariate predictors of market indices 
    • Papers pertaining to textual analysis of SEC filings, news, and other research published by industry leaders
  • Access to a dedicated research community

We want the best and brightest to join the platform.

We are looking for submissions with:


Financial data is a mosaic, and we’re looking for contributions that combine the different pieces of information to produce unique views on the landscape around a company.


We want to seed the system with apps that are exceptional at a particular task, so that the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. Selected projects will be able to leverage contributions by others in the development process, so position proposals to be narrow and deep.


We provide a rich repository of resources to work with, so we’re looking for contributions that leverage this repository with an informed perspective.

Have an idea for a project? We want to hear it!

We want to fund the development of exciting projects using our platform while we get this ball rolling. Describe what you want to build, and tell us how much you want to be paid to build it! You will be working on a project of your choosing alongside other developers in residence and our own internal team.