Update: Aug 1, 2022 Changelog

On this release, we are continuing our efforts to move out of the Investor view and use the term Trader. We are also rolling out the Wallet Address section. In the future, we would like to come up with an incentive that might require transferring a small amount to their wallets.

We also added new Forecast button that will open and automatically plot the Forecast for the selected Asset/Coin.

Registration link from marketing page was also added.

UI Module(5.0.0112):

  • Created an alternative to longterm forecast, this version contains higher number of Average Trades per Day.
  • Simplified header nav menu. Removed the link for Pendo guide activation
  • Tidied up CSS by removing the hover styles on links.
  • Added a delay on the tooltips. We found out that the tooltips popups up right away. Most of the time the scroll is just passing by but it causes the tooltip to trigger. To prevent this annoyance, we added a 1 second delay. User needs to hover on the buttons for 1 second before the tooltips appears.
  • Updated Video link in /mobile.
  • Changed the default script in Developer View:
eth = ETH.close!
forecast =equeum:ethforecast!
export forecast
  • Added a fix on an issue where the execute and score icon becomes disabled when restoring a previous version of EQL.
  • Added the functionality to enter Wallet Address details.
  • Updated forecast modal to update the following:
    • Removal of Add button
    • Removal of date
    • Removal of Status(in the upper right corner)
    • Addition of new label and entry for Asset name
    • Auto population of description with whitepaper link.
  • Some UI changes on the Resource Library:
    • Reduced the Developer name column width and added more space on the description column
    • Reversed the order of Status before Date
    • Added a placeholder that will show “No Description Provided” if the user left the Description field blank.

Engine (1.10.0156)

  • Added more fix on the issue of 1006 error.
  • Fixed the error of EQL-20770 remove_outliers: limit <= 0
  • Updated the autocomplete to remove the unecessary parameters.

Internal Changes / Admin

  • Created a config that will change the order of Resource Library

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