Update: July 15, 2022 Changelog

This release mostly contain improvements on UI and UX. We added sample resources, but it keeps getting pushed down on the library. Since these are starter scripts, we decided to create a feature where resources can be pinned on top of the library. Pinned resources is excluded from any user filter. At the moment, we pinned starter script and tutorial script. Both resources should help the users get started with Equeum.

We are also introducing the idea of switching between Short Term, and Long Term trades. We are interested to see if users will use forecasts that has a higher Average Trades per Day.

API Module(5.0.0104):

  • Created a feature to pin favorite resources on top of library.
  • Added star to each rows in Resource Library.
  • Updated tutorial script: removed the reference to outdated Bounty information

UI Module(5.0.0117):

  • Repositioned Forecast button on the Resource Library
  • Made the Clear Chart for guests and Trader view hidden.
  • Changed Sign Up modal for forecasts.
  • The button to add external data was updated. It was previously labeled as ADD, but now, we updated it to be more descriptive: Add External Data. We also made the button hidden in the Forecasts tab. We thought it was logical as External Data is a resource, not a forecast.
  • Updated Pendo pop-up for Forecasts.
  • On Forecasts tab in the library, we added a toggle to switch between Long Term and Short Term forecast.
  • Added a score icon for each row in the Forecasts Library. This should open the scoring/Trade History modal for each coin.

Engine (1.10.0160)

  • Applied a fix on an error that throws EQL-1528 tslist: needs timeseries on input
  • Improved the scoring calculation. Instead of scoring the whole script, we added a flag that will only score the export line.
  • The logic to implement closeOnNeutral, controlling whether to close an open position when the trend line crosses into the neutral zone (typically exactly zero) or to keep the trade open until the trend line exits the neutral zone, was inadvertently removed from the implementation of pnl scoring. Before the fix, the scoring always acts as if closeOnNeutral is true.
  • Added a fix on an issue of 1006 which suggests hanging of websockets in engine.
  • Applied a fix for the error basic_string::_M_create

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