Update: Aug 15, 2022 Changelog

For this release, we will be rolling out our registration using mobile or smaller viewports. When we are developing the app, we are envisioning users will use desktop or laptop devices. However, our numerous rounds of usability test shows the need to accommodate mobile devices. We will see how this new feature will work, if we have positive feedback, we will continue to open more features in smaller viewports.

To add on this efforts for mobile, we will also experiment on accommodating SMS features. As the first phase of the project, we will only be catering US phone numbers.

We are also hiding the Fiddler feature as it didn’t achieve solution to the problem that we are trying to solve.

UI Module(5.0.0125):

  • Enhancement on Fiddle modal that will keep it opened when users clicks Calculate
  • Moved the displaying of Get $25 to config. We will temporarily keep it hidden until our marketing promotion is ready.
  • Hide Fiddler feature.
  • Added new Pendo message for New and Returning users.

Engine (1.10.0171)

  • Fixed an issue where the argument syntax is not accepting a list that has a different length. As an example:
argument trendlines = [BTC.proxy, ETH.proxy, ADA.proxy]!
n = trendlines -> width()
x = trendlines -> ternary(0, scale=1) -> sum()
y = x * ((x -> abs()) >= n)
export tfinal = y -> ternary(0)!

On the first line of code, trendlines is loading an array with 3 items. But when users use the resource with different length:

ross:newforecasttest(trendlines = [BTC.proxy, ETH.proxy])!

Then it will return an error of EQL-1577 while loading ross:newforecasttest.model:latest: EQL-1633 argument trendlines passed to model has incorrect type, different keys size.

This is now fixed and users can continue to use it using different argument/parameter length.

  • We now allow type-juggling. For example:
myList = [BTC,ETH,SOL].close  //example 1
myList= [BTC.close,ADA.close,ETH.close]! //example 2
  • Applied a fix where data isn’t recognized when using UNIVERSE ticker. The error of EQL-1411 should be fixed now.
  • Volume-weighted average price and volume-weighted close was not handling volumes of zero correctly. Vwap is almost correct, but it unconditionally returns the price for the first bar, in order to avoid round-off error. It should only do this if the volume is non-zero. Vwclose should only take the difference of vwap and close if both values are non-zero.
  • Fixed an issue where a complex, edge case query is not completing. We suspect that it was crashing due to memory failure. We haven’t reproduce the issue again on the new non-crashing build.
  • Added a fix for the error Assertion 310"
  • Fixed an issue where a smoothing function shows small spikes on the chart.
  • Patched the issue of EQL-20315 range error in DiscreteDiskCacher::save, key=[i]<-SESSION_CACHE

Internal Side:

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