Update: July 1, 2022 Changelog

Contains a lot of small fixes. Removal of exclusion on iPad and other medium-sized viewports in preparation for supporting the said devices. Temporarily hiding the Trade History in score modal. Engine cache and more…

API Module(5.0.0078):

  • Created a feature to reset the in-sample period in Bounty.
  • Applied condition on what default EQL to load depending on where the user comes from. As a guest, you will see a different EQL while clicking New will also show a different script. The idea is to showcase the ability of the EQL on the guest view while keeping it simple on the next scripts.

UI Module(5.0.0083):

  • Added a login link in marketing page.
  • Fixed an issue where a trailing space causes a valid EQL to throw an error.
  • Updated JWT script to refresh in the background. There were reports that users gets logged out once the JWT token expires.
  • Fixed TV chart panes as some of the plotted trendlines goes out of view.
  • When developers click on Add button, it will automatically execute the chart.
  • Removed exclusions for iPad and other mid-sized viewports.
  • Add defined variables on the autosuggest options on the editor.
  • Added Open button on the resource-modal popup
  • Temporarily hid the Trade History in score modal.
  • Restored the feature to score each line by adding the score icon on each code line.
  • On the user observation, all of the users puts their external resource/datasource on a variable. With this knowledge, we decided to append and add a default variable once users add the resource in their editor. Default variable name will be the resource name: mybestscript = ross:mybestscript
  • Updates to mobile view:
    • Revision of copy.
    • Added new video
    • Added a new line that will instruct users to visit Equeum on their Desktop.
  • In the Resource Library, show the current and historical Bounty Rankings.
  • Added Pop-up definitions using the Monaco editors built-in function.
  • Updated text copy to make password rules more clear.
  • Added the ability for 1-click expand and contract windows.

Engine (1.10.0153)

  • Added momentum as a valid alias for momo action. EQL example:
ATOM.close -> momentum(30)!
  • Updated the engine to use UTC schedule for requests.
  • Added a fix to properly retrieve priceAverage
  • Applied fix for the error EQL-20897 compression/nulls rare 
  • Added partial fixes on complex queries that causes the engine to slowdown.
  • Added a new parameter to pnl scoring which defines what a large movement is. This is a generalization of profitable trades and percent of profitable trades. Any position that closes with a gain >= the threshold is counted as a large movement. If the threshold is zero, this is exactly the same as the count of profitable trades. Likewise, percent of profitable trades when generalized is exactly the accuracy measure we want – # large movements / # positions * 100.
  • Added engine cache on the most used query.

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