Update: June 15, 2022 Changelog

Clean up of unused/obsolete aliases. We also temporarily hide the Top Scores table as there are no running Bounties at the moment. Even with no scheduled Bounties, we are continuing on improving the said feature.

API Module(5.0.0059):

  • Corrected an issue where the usage does not increment properly.
  • Fixed an issue where publicly available resources cannot be opened.
  • Temporarily hid the Top Scores Tab since no Bounty event is running.
  • Added the scoring frequency in Top Scores as a value configurable in environment variable.
  • Synchronized TV chart time and Bounty/Challenge time.
  • Included daily bounty award limitations. At the moment, user can win a max of 20 daily.

UI Module(5.0.0068):

  • Added some guide comments on the Tutorial Script.
  • Updated the refresh time for Top Scores in Resource Library.
  • Updated text in the Session Limit page.
  • Updated Top Scores column in Resource Library to include:
    • Score
    • Name
    • Rank
    • Days
    • Developer
    • Usage Score
    • Using
    • In-Sample Score
  • Removed Twitter as supported SSO.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no error message when a query is invalid.

Engine (1.10.0147)

  • Added trendline values to trade history.
  • Created an override for start and end date in EQL when scoring in modelrunner.
  • Additional 2 allowable values for dx, average, and harmonize : 600 and 1440
  • Made ensemble() calculation more stable on multiple day execution.
  • Inconsistent data for OHLC has been corrected from REDIS side.
  • Updated the dx and ternary to scale up to 100 +/- instead of 1 +/-

Internal Side:

  • Added Reddit Pixel for sending Equeum Ads.
  • Created a trigger that will allow admins to delete all guest session. This was needed to flush out the outdated EQL from users session.
  • Setup of valid liveness/readiness probes.

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