Update: Oct 1, 2022 Changelog

We focused on housekeeping on this sprint. We prioritized on optimizations and enhancements. Thanks to our users that sent their feedback!

API Module(5.0.0183):

  • Fixed an issue where the EQL executed restricts to 60 days max. This happens when users request for time range that is greater than 60 days.

UI Module(5.0.0185):

  • One of our users suggested to not move the chart to the most recent point if they are scrolled back to previous days. The user stated that it becomes annoying that after scrolling back to a previous date, it will scroll back again to current time once the new minute data comes up.
  • Fixed a problem where the band line separates from the 0.00 line when user scrolls too far to the right.
  • Applied a fix on the TV chart where divider disappears when 2nd pane has been created.
  • Introduced fix for text area icons in Save resource modal. It was previously displaying square boxes instead of the actual icons. This was reproduced Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where VERIFIED users cannot login if there was an UNVERIFIED account that attempted to login using the same local storage.

Internal Side:

  • We updated our action test to remove old cume function and rename qcume to cume.
  • We also fix scaling for dx and ternary in python (increase scale from 1 to 100)
  • Added a date range in our UI statistics.
  • Added new metric to count US and Non-US users.

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