Update: Oct 15, 2022 Changelog

For this release, we are still optimizing the Trader Notifications as well as our Refer-a-Friend feature. We also created a feature that will export the On the internal side, we improved our test that verifies the accuracy of our calculations.

API Module(5.0.0208):

  • Updated the message for email notifications when trendline crosses the 0 line. From: <coin name> Forecast: Trend <up/down> to: The <coin name> price trend forecast is now <up/down.>
  • Created a new feature where users can export the trade history to Google Sheets
  • Updated the forecast line to plot as a single line. Instead of having the chart go up or down, the strength indicated will be determined by the thickness of the line. As an example: The user will see thinner line while the forecast is close to 0.00, while it becomes thicker when it reaches > 0

UI Module(5.0.0214):

  • Applied a fix for Chrome browsers where the sign-up header overlaps with the sub header.
  • Disabled the option to select WebPush notification for iOS users as it is not yet supported by the said operating system.
  • Updated our links in the Settings dropdown to include Promotional Rules and FAQs
  • Changed the header title of Contact Us modal to Contact
  • There was a reported incident where the forecast plots differently. It appears that it might be cache related. We haven’t seen the issue since the fix. We are keeping our eyes peeled on this one.
  • Applied CSS fix on mobile homepage icon where it extends until outside of the viewport.
  • Fixed and issue where the TV chart returns an error of Cannot destructure property ‘lzData’ of ‘a.getPlot(…)’ as it is undefined.
  • Changed the 0.00 band line from straight line to dotted.

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