Update: Sept 15, 2022 Changelog

Changes for this release includes mostly TV chart improvements as well as making it adapt to mobile view. It still needs polishing, but we are definitely in the right direction.

Another goal was to clear out as much clutter as possible when users gets redirected after login. Furthermore, made some efforts to make the PNL values more prominent.

API Module(5.0.0164):

  • When new registrants come in to the site, they will have ETH notification by default. This notification will be sent to their email.
  • Updated the text in the email confirmation once the invited user successfully registers.

UI Module(5.0.0171):

  • On Trader view, we showed PNL that starts from Feb 01, 2022 until current time.
  • Made the band color white to make it more visible.
  • Updated CSS on mobile view as tapping the TV chart legend blocks the price value.
  • We removed the restriction of all smaller viewports. Before, they are being redirected to another page called /mobile. But now, we made an effort to adapt the chart and make it accessible to mobile.
  • Added more CSS padding on the notification section as it tends to go outside of viewport on smaller devices.
  • Fine improvements on the layout for Settings modal and in modal headers in terms of spacing for smaller devices.
  • To further free up some space, we decided to remove the Balance field on top of the Trader View page for mobile viewports.

Engine (1.10.0175)

  • ADMA action has logic if NULLS are not squeezed out of the input to back up when needed for a certain number of non-NULLs. There is no check that this is not going back before the start of the available memory, potentially resulting in a crash. We added a guard against this and in similar actions.

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